Friday, 30 September 2011

Willard Wigan.

The chap is pretty darn amazing. I love anything very very big (makes me feel like a Minpin) or very very small (makes me feel like a giant) and this ticks the very very very small box.

I think they are fab. His work includes a teeny tiny Michelangelo's David (out of a single grain of sand), the Statue of Liberty, Alice and the Mad Hatter's tea party, the Incredible Hulk and many many more. You can find his website here (although it was under maintenance when i went to have a look).

On average it takes eight weeks to complete one sculpture and Willard has learned to slow down his heart rate as his sculptures are so tiny the movement to his fingers caused by his heart rate could ruin them.

Creativity in it's tiniest form. Do you like them? It's hard to believe these sculptures are in regular sized needles. Yup.

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