Friday, 30 December 2011

Tatty Devine's new book.

Quite often when i give someone a present, be it a birthday or Christmas or just because i kinda feel like it, i get jealous and want one myself. Do you do this?

This is definitely one of those times. I gave my little sis the new Tatty Devine book: How To Make Jewellery. She loved it but now i wanna have a go!

It's a great little book which shows you how to make all sorts of things based upon the classic Tatty Devine look. There are rosettes made of tapes measures, necklaces made of bow ties and all sorts of other wonderfulness.

I went over to my sisters yesterday and we had a go at making a few bits. With a hot glue gun and a needles and thread we made the bow tie necklace and a number of brooches including a empty film roll, water gun and Planet Hollywood swizzle stick.

We also had a go at shrinking a Rainbow Drops packet in the oven (much like i used to do with Hoola Hoop packets as a kid) but this didn't work as well as we hoped, i'm not sure we left it in long enough. I will have to shrink some other stuff (you can shrink any packet that is made of plastic, although it has to be just plastic and a thin packet like a crisp packet).

You can make jewellery out of practically anything. It's brill!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Lovely fabrics.

I went a bit fabric buying crazy yesterday. Opps.

These are the lovely bright kawaii fabrics that i bought (on Etsy). Cute, don't you think?

Now all i have to do is decide what i am going to make with them. Oooh so many choices!

A great big thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you so very much to everyone who bought me a Christmas present this year. I was very fortunate and got some wonderful gifts and i appreciate every single one.

Here are some of the fab things that are now mine. Yay!
Russian doll lip balm. Aww.
 Lots and lot of chocolate.

 So beautiful. My new pride and joy.
 Cupcake apron, so i don't get all messy when using the new Kitchen aid!

 Lots of sewing bits and bobs to help me potter away and make something cute.

Owl hat. Snuggly.
Oooh Champneys.
Owl doorstop.

 My sister made me this pillow, i have called him Charles. I love him.

 Damson vodka made by my dad, i have tried some and it is very tasty!
 This is me wearing my new pyjamas that Lawrence bought me. I may never take them off again.

 Look at all these lovely books i got. I also got a Kindle! I am a very lucky girl.
 I can't wait to start baking.
 I may be busy with this lot for quite some time....

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A merry Christmas to you all! And now to the New Year.....

Hello there. Sorry i have been a bit quiet the past few days. I was in a Christmas whirlwind, having a lovely old time and didn't have my laptop with me or the time or inclination to blog. Sorry about that.

I hope that you had an equally fab Christmas and ate lot, made people smile and got some lovely presents. I know i did, in fact i was spoiled rotten!

I can also now show you the finished hampers. Yup. Everyone loved them and i loved watching them find all the little bits and pieces i had hidden.

I added some non homemade things i knew the recipient would like, such as a Moomin, Chewbacca and Kracha to make each hamper even more special.

I also made some cute labels for the jars that had buttons and badges stuck on them.

The hampers had a lot in them, you might remember all these bits and bobs from the past months. Yup, they were all in there.
 Chilli jelly...
 Decoupage jars (that i filled with chocolates)...

 Red onion marmalade...

 Neon sock monkeys...
 Damson gin...

 Vintage 80's envelopes...

 Mince pies...
And much more! It's not till i listed it like that that i realised how much i had done.

With the new year just around the corner i'm starting to think about future projects. I really want to start focusing on my Etsy shop more and hopefully get my things into other bricks and mortar shops too. It's really quite exciting.....