Thursday, 29 December 2011

A great big thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you so very much to everyone who bought me a Christmas present this year. I was very fortunate and got some wonderful gifts and i appreciate every single one.

Here are some of the fab things that are now mine. Yay!
Russian doll lip balm. Aww.
 Lots and lot of chocolate.

 So beautiful. My new pride and joy.
 Cupcake apron, so i don't get all messy when using the new Kitchen aid!

 Lots of sewing bits and bobs to help me potter away and make something cute.

Owl hat. Snuggly.
Oooh Champneys.
Owl doorstop.

 My sister made me this pillow, i have called him Charles. I love him.

 Damson vodka made by my dad, i have tried some and it is very tasty!
 This is me wearing my new pyjamas that Lawrence bought me. I may never take them off again.

 Look at all these lovely books i got. I also got a Kindle! I am a very lucky girl.
 I can't wait to start baking.
 I may be busy with this lot for quite some time....

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