Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The icing on the cake.

Good morning. I am feeling very very delicate this morning. It was my work Christmas party last night and i had a merry old time. And now i am feeling it!

Luckily i am a day off so i can sit on the sofa and wallow, and that's exactly what i plan to do.

However, yesterday i was very productive. I iced my Christmas cake and am very pleased with the results. Last year i went subtle and traditional with a plain white cake with some white snowflakes and Christmas trees.

This year however i went an entirely different route, my cake ended up rather bright and cheery. Fab.

I have to admit that i cheated and bought the marizipan and the ready roll icing. But then again i don't know anyone who makes their own. It's so much easier and you will probably end up with a much nicer result.

First of all i rolled out the marzipan to a thickness of about 1/2cm and then used the rolling pin to lay it over the cake.

 It's then just a case of smoothing the sides down and trimming of the excess.

 You then do exactly the same with the icing.

And you end up with a lovely smooth cake which you can then decorate. This is the fun bit!

I coloured the icing in five different colours using the gel food colourings. These are great as you can get a much stronger colour than the liquid ones and it doesn't change the consistency of the icing.

 I then covered the white icing of the cake in lots of glitter.

 And cut out lots and lots of snowflakes and stars.

And covered the whole lot in even more glitter! I love it, it's bright, sparkly and i reckon will put a smile on anyone's face. What do you think? Do you like it?

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