Monday, 18 February 2013

For my Valentine.

It was also Valentine's Day last week. I decided to make something for my boyfriend, something i had been thinking about trying for a while.

We are both very into scrabble. We play a lot. So i wanted to make something with a scrabble theme and a valentine theme.

And this is what i came up with!

I bought a vintage scrabble board and some vintage tiles. I then set about making words that were important to us; places we'd been, things we'd done and some soppy bits and bobs.

I also bought a very special gold tile to use where our names joined. I then attached them all to the board and had it framed.

I am so pleased with it and my boyfriend loved it! It now hangs pride of place in the living room. Hooray!

Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!

Now i realise that i am a wee bit late (ok, ok nearly a week late) but i just wanted to mention the fact that it was pancake day last week!

A perfect excuse to eat lots of naughty things like golden syrup, chocolate spread and lemon and sugar (except in my house it was lime and sugar as we had no lemon, whoops).

Did you have pancakes? What did you have in them?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Craft it Forward 2013.

Now then, you might remember that i tried to take part in Craft It Forward 2012. This did not happen in the end as i never received anything and completely forgot all about it. Which was a shame.

However, i was itching to take part in this years Crafty web of giving so i quickly said a big 'yes please' to the first one i came across!

The idea is simple. You find someone who is taking part and if you are one of the first five people to comment on their post you will receive a little hand made gift from them. You must then post about it and the first five people to comment on your post with get a little handmade thing from you. They must then blog/facebook/tweet about it and the first five people to comment on their post will receive something from them and so on and so forth.

So here is mine. This is what i received in the post the other day from a lovely lady called Suki who write a blog called The Owl club here.

Wonderful little handmade badges. I will put them on one of my coats i think. So would you like to take part in this? Hmm?

If so please post a comment below. It's that simple. If you are one of the first five you will then receive something lovely and handmade by me. All you have to do them is post about it and the cycle will continue! Hooray!