Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New cards and buttons!

Have a look at the things i have been busy making this week. I thought that i'd better get a wiggle on, what with being a lazy so and so for two weeks!

There are a selection of rust free metal backed fabric covered buttons, in two sizes. I bought some lovely new fabric recently (you might remember me mentioning it?) and wanted to make good use of it.

 Russian doll cards, i am slightly obsessed with russian dolls and so these are a new favorite of mine.
 And Valentines cards. Gets yours quick as there's not long to go!

All cards and buttons are now on sale at Manna Tearooms, Old Portsmouth, UK. Or why not message me for more information, including prices etc. You can either leave a comment below or email thebearandbug@gmail.com. All cards include free UK delivery. Thank you.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Great inspriration.

Howdy, have you got a good day planned? What are you doing? Work or play?

It is the last day of my holiday today, tomorrow i'm back to work (which i am looking forward to actually, can't wait to do some cooking and have a good catch up). So i think that with my last day off i will be productive and crafty and get lots of things done. That is the plan anyway.

I thought i'd share with you a little list of blogs that i like. One's that i go to on a regular basis and think are fab. I think reading the creative things others are up to always helps when trying to be creative yourself. Plus i like to be nosy and see what others are up to.

I have blogged before about my old favorites so wont include them here today. The blogs below are also favorites, but are the new kids on the block (to me at least).

Little Chief Honeybee is written by a very cool Nashville based lady who runs a small mobile shop. I love her style and her outfits! She also has an online shop here.

Thread and Butter is the brainchild of Lauren from Southampton. She is an avid crafter and posts tutorials on the things she makes as well as running an Etsy shop.

Scherenschnitte is a great blog for those who want to get into papercutting.  Which i really want to get into. It is written by a lady called Cindy who posts templates of some of her designs which you can download and use. It's brill.

Teawagon Tales is a lovely blog with a vintage feel and lovely style.

Susannah Bean is the best friend of Little Chief Honeybee and has the same cool vintage style. She also had a wonderful Etsy shop selling lots of knitted loveliness.

I hope that gets your creative juices flowing!

Cute things from far away lands.

So... whilst we were away i might have done a spot of shopping. Well, more than that. I did in fact do a lot of shopping!

I love looking at shops in other countries, there is something wonderful about walking about and not seeing a single chain store that you recognise. I even like looking about in the supermarket, even if the supermarket in question is still Tescos (they really have gotten everywhere).

I though i might share with you a few of the things that i bought. I also bought a load of touristy things, like thai trousers (MC Hammer style, i love them) and a couple of Chang T-shirts, but then you have to don't you?

 It was Chinese New Year whilst we were away so i thought this lucky cat was rather fitting.
 This brilliant picture is massive and cost next to nothing at a market in Bangkok, i love her.

I bought lots and lots of cute stationary. Stamps, stickers and hole punches, i could have bought a lot more but made myself stop.
 This is Phant, who will sit on my desk and make me smile.
 Amazing neon embroidery pillowcases.
 Gnome necklace. I'm getting a bit obsessed with gnomes at the moment. I have no idea why.

 And some amazing vintage t-shirts.
I just wish our suitcases had been bigger.....

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hello....are you still there?

Well hello there lovely people. Are you well? Have you had a dandy two weeks? I do hope so, sorry i have been so quiet.

I have been on a lovely little trip. A trip to Thailand in fact. I didn't want to publicise the fact before we went as i was rather worried some burglar type people might realise we were out and decide to pop round.

But now i am home. And knackered. But the flat is in one piece, so that's good.

However, my brain thinks it's night time when it is in fact lunch time. Plus i've had two breakfast. I'm in a bit of a muddle!

But i have to admit, i had a rather jolly old time. I love Thailand and spent a lot of time eating, drinking, sitting in the sun and shopping!

Friday, 13 January 2012

I'll be back soon....

I am going to be away from now till the 29th January. See you when i get back!

The best nail polish around (in my opinion).

This nail polish is amazing. I don't really paint my nails a lot anymore, as working in a kitchen you can't wear nail varnish and i can't be bothered to spend time painting my nails just for my days off.

However, i will make an exception for this polish. It's magnetic. Yup, that's right not metallic but magnetic, which means you paint the polish on and then use the magnet in the lid to make it stripey.

It looks almost 3D and so pretty. As i am about to go on holiday i though i'd paint my fingers and my toes with it. What do you think? Are you a fan? I love it!