Monday, 30 January 2012

Cute things from far away lands.

So... whilst we were away i might have done a spot of shopping. Well, more than that. I did in fact do a lot of shopping!

I love looking at shops in other countries, there is something wonderful about walking about and not seeing a single chain store that you recognise. I even like looking about in the supermarket, even if the supermarket in question is still Tescos (they really have gotten everywhere).

I though i might share with you a few of the things that i bought. I also bought a load of touristy things, like thai trousers (MC Hammer style, i love them) and a couple of Chang T-shirts, but then you have to don't you?

 It was Chinese New Year whilst we were away so i thought this lucky cat was rather fitting.
 This brilliant picture is massive and cost next to nothing at a market in Bangkok, i love her.

I bought lots and lots of cute stationary. Stamps, stickers and hole punches, i could have bought a lot more but made myself stop.
 This is Phant, who will sit on my desk and make me smile.
 Amazing neon embroidery pillowcases.
 Gnome necklace. I'm getting a bit obsessed with gnomes at the moment. I have no idea why.

 And some amazing vintage t-shirts.
I just wish our suitcases had been bigger.....

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