Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hello....are you still there?

Well hello there lovely people. Are you well? Have you had a dandy two weeks? I do hope so, sorry i have been so quiet.

I have been on a lovely little trip. A trip to Thailand in fact. I didn't want to publicise the fact before we went as i was rather worried some burglar type people might realise we were out and decide to pop round.

But now i am home. And knackered. But the flat is in one piece, so that's good.

However, my brain thinks it's night time when it is in fact lunch time. Plus i've had two breakfast. I'm in a bit of a muddle!

But i have to admit, i had a rather jolly old time. I love Thailand and spent a lot of time eating, drinking, sitting in the sun and shopping!

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  1. ps: If you've noticed that the spaces between the photos are bit uneven, blogspot keeps doing this when i post an entry and won't let me sort them out. Damn it!