Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New cards and buttons!

Have a look at the things i have been busy making this week. I thought that i'd better get a wiggle on, what with being a lazy so and so for two weeks!

There are a selection of rust free metal backed fabric covered buttons, in two sizes. I bought some lovely new fabric recently (you might remember me mentioning it?) and wanted to make good use of it.

 Russian doll cards, i am slightly obsessed with russian dolls and so these are a new favorite of mine.
 And Valentines cards. Gets yours quick as there's not long to go!

All cards and buttons are now on sale at Manna Tearooms, Old Portsmouth, UK. Or why not message me for more information, including prices etc. You can either leave a comment below or email thebearandbug@gmail.com. All cards include free UK delivery. Thank you.

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