Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Well hello and a happy new year to you. And you too.

Did you have a wonderful new years eve? Did you party and have a few cheeky ones? Are you maybe feeling a bit fragile this morning? Good. That's the way you're meant to be feeling. Put a DVD on and make yourself a bacon sandwich. It's Sunday after all.

I had a good 2011 and got lots of things done. I was thinking about this yesterday and started off thinking that i didn't really do much in 2011. But, on closer inspections i think i might have done. Which is good.

I started my blog, started selling my hand made goodies and got two promotions at work. We also got Willie, the new cat addition to our family. Even if she is a hyper nightmare, i love her so i'll let her off.

But i want 2012 to be even better! So i have a few new years resolutions. I'm hoping they are all do-able so i won't give up on them after a week and here they are:

1. I'm going to learn to drive. Yup, i can't drive. Well, that's not strictly true. I can drive but i can't pass the test. I've tried 5 times and then gave up. But this year i'm going to pass.

2. I'm going to start concentrating on my own business. And not just the creative side. I'm going to hopefully find lovely shops that will want to sell my things and also look into craft fairs and the like. Basically get my bum in gear and go for it.

3. I'm going to save more money. I am not a good saver and think maybe a rainy day fund is in order. Not just a short term 'Thailand fund' or a 'kitchenaid fund'. Look after the pennies and all that.

4. I'm going to try and cook at least one new meal a week. Are you anything like me, in that you cook the same 20ish dinners and seems to buy the same shopping every week? I want to try and cook more new dishes and see what happens, they might find themselves becoming favorites. I have enough cookery books so i should be able to do this easily.

I think that's it. For now at least. I'm sure i'll think of more. What are your new years resolutions? Got any good ones? Yay, a new year means a new kettle of fish. I can't wait to get on with it, but for now i think i'll sit on the sofa with my coffee and bacon sarnie for a bit. Well, it is Sunday after all.

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