Monday, 30 April 2012

Why not?

Huh? Why what? Why not feel happy. Why not? Well most of the time you can. But sometimes you need a little push. That's what these lovely items below are for. Instant pick me ups. I hope you like them!

'In It Together' print by Ashley G here.

Sloth love card by The Patterned Owl here.

'The Imaginary Lands 1' print by Bels Art here.

Pug dog stamp by Ayu Tomikawa Art here.

Customised typewriter by Oui Oui Je Suis here.

Japanese Craft book by 1127 Handcrafter here.

Panda Onesie by Bang Bang Crash here.

Brings the smile back.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Spring Fayre went well!

Thank you to all the people who came by on Sunday and had a mooch about the Spring Fayre, and a special thanks to all those who bought something from Bear and Bug!

We had a great day and i now can't wait to book more fairs in the future! Woop.

Friday, 27 April 2012


Good afternoon to you. And you. And you too. Are you well? Loving that Friday feeling? I jolly well hope so!

I am. I have tomorrow off work, to craft fair it up, and am in a very positive mood. Yay!

I want to draw your attention today to bears. I love bears. They are wonderful.

So in light of this here are so wonderful bear pics. I hope you like them!

Because bears really do give the best hugs!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Boutique Market.

Hello hello! So, i finally did my first market yesterday! Yay. It was rather fun, although a bit scary and stressful to begin with as i was very nervous. I'm glad i did it though.

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone to stopped by, and especially those who bought a Bear and Bug goodie. I hope you love them.

There were lots of people there and some really lovely tables. I thought mine held it's own though!

Right, onto the next one: If you can, please stop by the Spring Fayre at Brodrick Hall in Gosport next Saturday (28th April) 10am-4pm.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Things i now know.

Do you find yourself in a reflective mood sometimes? Thinking about your life and what's going on? I feel a bit like that at the moment. Like i need to work out what i'm doing and where i'm going. It's all very exciting!

I also have to remember that i now know lots of things i didn't necessarily know before. Which is good. Some of these things are:

1. Things usually turn out better than you thought they would.
2. Don't eat so much chocolate that you think you might be sick (or cinnabons in my case!).
3. Being creative makes you feel productive and happy.
4. Getting up early is better than staying up late. You'll get more done.
5. Friends and family are the most important thing in the world. You won't get by without them.
6. Be nice and kind. Especially if others aren't.
7. Watching crap telly is sometime the best way to spend an evening.
8. A tidy home is not essential.
9. Do something now and again that scares the hell out of you. You'll feel better for it.
10. Meeting and making new awesome friends is wonderful.
11. Acting like a kid is sometimes the best way to be.
12. It's important to cook nice things. It's more important to bake nicer things!
13. Sometimes breathe and relax, you're ok.
14. A massive hug is amazing.
15. Break it down, then dive in. It won't be as hard as you think.
16. Life is better with salt and soy.
17. Sometime people do change. Sometimes they don't.
18. Cats are great. Pugs are best.
19. Take pictures of everything. Video is even better. Looking back at old photos is always fun.
20. You always look better than you think you do.

I bet you'd have a list if you thought about it. What would it be?

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Guess where i've been?

Today i have had a wonderfully strange day. Seen lots of wonderfully strange things. Can you guess where i've been?

Today i have seen:

Some very unusual taxidermy.  These are all real conjoined animals.

Some human skin in a frame.

 A lizard man.

A knitted car.

I found a rather large chair and had a sit on it. Minpin!

 An amazing (and very factual) tablecloth.


The picture above is rubbish (sorry about that) but tells of a cloven hoofed horse from Portsmouth!

A picture made entirely of sweets!

I real sized model of the man with the largest ever recorded nose.

A comic book with a comic book writer in it!

A bust of a man who was documented as having a horn growing out of his head.

A midget in a cage.

I then lost my legs for a bit. Oh no, where are my legs!

A double eyed man.

A man made of toys.

My sister Amy got then got locked in some chastity knickers!

A day of the dead skeleton.

Hooker heels!

Amy with the tallest man in the world. Minpin.

Oh wow, the slim fast worked!

All of us wearing protective gloves just before we entered the mirror maze.

Amy having a bit of a dance in the mirror maze.



Faux mermaid. It was made by a taxidermist out of a fish and a monkey!

And finally shrunken heads!

Have you guessed? I was in London, at Ripleys Believe It Or Not! It's a Odditorium of the weird and wonderful. We saw lots and lots of things and it was fab, I'd thoroughly recommend it. 

I even go my fortune told (it basically told me i like to change my mind a lot and i'm not always right. Rubbish!).

We even got to go a bit Mission Impossible and did a laser race. Dark room, lots of green lasers and a timer. We did not do well!

I am now back home, tired and happy. What a lovely way to spend a day.