Thursday, 19 April 2012

Guess where i've been?

Today i have had a wonderfully strange day. Seen lots of wonderfully strange things. Can you guess where i've been?

Today i have seen:

Some very unusual taxidermy.  These are all real conjoined animals.

Some human skin in a frame.

 A lizard man.

A knitted car.

I found a rather large chair and had a sit on it. Minpin!

 An amazing (and very factual) tablecloth.


The picture above is rubbish (sorry about that) but tells of a cloven hoofed horse from Portsmouth!

A picture made entirely of sweets!

I real sized model of the man with the largest ever recorded nose.

A comic book with a comic book writer in it!

A bust of a man who was documented as having a horn growing out of his head.

A midget in a cage.

I then lost my legs for a bit. Oh no, where are my legs!

A double eyed man.

A man made of toys.

My sister Amy got then got locked in some chastity knickers!

A day of the dead skeleton.

Hooker heels!

Amy with the tallest man in the world. Minpin.

Oh wow, the slim fast worked!

All of us wearing protective gloves just before we entered the mirror maze.

Amy having a bit of a dance in the mirror maze.



Faux mermaid. It was made by a taxidermist out of a fish and a monkey!

And finally shrunken heads!

Have you guessed? I was in London, at Ripleys Believe It Or Not! It's a Odditorium of the weird and wonderful. We saw lots and lots of things and it was fab, I'd thoroughly recommend it. 

I even go my fortune told (it basically told me i like to change my mind a lot and i'm not always right. Rubbish!).

We even got to go a bit Mission Impossible and did a laser race. Dark room, lots of green lasers and a timer. We did not do well!

I am now back home, tired and happy. What a lovely way to spend a day.

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