Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More russian dolls.

Good morning! And what a foggy morning it is here in Portsmouth. I hope the weather is slightly better where you are. Not that i dislike the fog, but i bet it quite chilly too and i definitely don't like the cold. Brrrr.

Now, i know i have done a russian doll post before, but i really love them so i thought i'd so another one.

These are all pictures i have found whilst browsing on Pinterest. I hope you like them. Are you a fan of Pinterest? I can lose hours just having a mooch through photos. Naughty really, but full of inspiration.

 I want to eat some russian doll macaroons!


My sister bought me this glass water jug for my birthday. It's perfect as it means my cats can't drink from it (which they tend to do with any water glass i have).

This Chanel bag would be on my ultimate wish list. It's so lovely.

Ooh baking and dolls. Hee hee. I actually have russian doll cupcake cases, an egg timer, measuring cups and also spoons. Am i taking the theme a little too far? Maybe, but i love them all and i love the people that buy me these lovely things too.

 Oooh russian doll sushi. Maybe the cutest thing i've ever seen!
Do you like russian dolls? What is your favorite thing? I have no idea why i like them so much, but i do. Indeed.

More eggs (part two)

And spot more we did!

 I'm afraid at this point it had gotten dark, so they picture aren't as clear. Sorry about that.

 This one was another favorite of mine, mainly because it has a picture of my cat Monkey on it!

 awww (the little black cat above, not the scary dinosaur below).

 If you look closely you can see the red chicken head hidden within the glass at the top of this egg.

My sister couldn't resist a cuddle with Greg, the furry egg!

 Another egg hidden inside a shop, but we still spotted it. Sneaky.

 This posh egg was hidden outside Coutts on The Strand. Fancy.

It has made me think though, i wonder how many we walked past while we were wandering about. I have become slightly addicted to egg spotting, and i'm quite tempted to go back up to London just to spend a day spotting eggs. I've got a while though as they will be there until the Easter weekend. Fab.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The egg hunt is on! (part one)

I mentioned yesterday that we spent some time in London egg hunting last Friday. We did, and it was really fun.

My sister mentioned to me during lunch that Faberge have launched The Big Egg Hunt. They have hidden 209 eggs around London, some out in the open and some really well hidden. They have all been designed by leading artists, designers, jewelers ad architects.  If you manage to spot all of them you can win the Diamond Jubilee Egg! All the two and a half foot eggs will be hidden around 12 Egg Zones, encouraging all of London to participate in what is set to break the Guinness World Record for the most people participating in an Egg Hunt! The Big Egg Hunt hopes to raise over £2million for the charities Elephant Family and Action for Children. Egg-tastic!

We decided to have a walk about and do some shopping and hoped that we might spot one or two. It didn't take long, outside Liberty we spotted out first egg. And, in my opinion, the best one. The russian doll egg!

 So beautiful. We kept looking....

My mum suddenly let out a odd sound and grabbed my arm, she had spotted our second egg by Carnaby Street. The post box egg. I have since read that this egg was stolen on Saturday night, which is very sad. Hopefully they will find it and restore it to it's rightful place.

 After that we seemed to spot them everywhere. Yay!

This one was well hidden. We didn't expect them to hide eggs way up high between two buildings. At first we weren't sure if it was an egg or not, but all of them have a plaque nearby with their name and the artist that created them.

 Another one hidden up high.

 This one was hidden inside a shop window!

So far we had spotted 11, so we headed off to Covent Garden, sure that we would see some more there.....