Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More russian dolls.

Good morning! And what a foggy morning it is here in Portsmouth. I hope the weather is slightly better where you are. Not that i dislike the fog, but i bet it quite chilly too and i definitely don't like the cold. Brrrr.

Now, i know i have done a russian doll post before, but i really love them so i thought i'd so another one.

These are all pictures i have found whilst browsing on Pinterest. I hope you like them. Are you a fan of Pinterest? I can lose hours just having a mooch through photos. Naughty really, but full of inspiration.

 I want to eat some russian doll macaroons!


My sister bought me this glass water jug for my birthday. It's perfect as it means my cats can't drink from it (which they tend to do with any water glass i have).

This Chanel bag would be on my ultimate wish list. It's so lovely.

Ooh baking and dolls. Hee hee. I actually have russian doll cupcake cases, an egg timer, measuring cups and also spoons. Am i taking the theme a little too far? Maybe, but i love them all and i love the people that buy me these lovely things too.

 Oooh russian doll sushi. Maybe the cutest thing i've ever seen!
Do you like russian dolls? What is your favorite thing? I have no idea why i like them so much, but i do. Indeed.

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