Monday, 27 February 2012

A day of London fun.

Good morning to you. And also you too. How are you this Monday morning? Well i hope.

I have a lovely lazy two days off. Starting now. Well, after i have done all the boring cleaning and paperwork type things that need doing first. Although i reckon if i get a wiggle on i can have all that boring stuff done by lunchtime. So really a day and a half of being lazy, which still sounds good to me.

I went on a little trip up to London on Friday with my mum to see my sister. And what a lovely day we had. We went for lunch at Fortnum and Masons (i was so full afterwards i had to waddle to the shops).

They have the most amazing chocolate there, and their easter eggs (and bears!) looked amazing.

(We might have purchased a few salted caramels. Not that i could eat any of them after the massive lunch i had just munched my way through. Boo).

We then we spent the rest of the day shopping. And i didn't spend a penny (thank you mum!). I love to have a mooch about when the sun is shining, which is exactly what we did. Fab.

We also spent a lot of time egg searching but i'll tell you all about that tomorrow....

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