Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More eggs (part two)

And spot more we did!

 I'm afraid at this point it had gotten dark, so they picture aren't as clear. Sorry about that.

 This one was another favorite of mine, mainly because it has a picture of my cat Monkey on it!

 awww (the little black cat above, not the scary dinosaur below).

 If you look closely you can see the red chicken head hidden within the glass at the top of this egg.

My sister couldn't resist a cuddle with Greg, the furry egg!

 Another egg hidden inside a shop, but we still spotted it. Sneaky.

 This posh egg was hidden outside Coutts on The Strand. Fancy.

It has made me think though, i wonder how many we walked past while we were wandering about. I have become slightly addicted to egg spotting, and i'm quite tempted to go back up to London just to spend a day spotting eggs. I've got a while though as they will be there until the Easter weekend. Fab.

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