Wednesday, 4 April 2012

This makes me wish i had a iphone.

Good morning! Well, i am in a absolutely brilliant mood this morning! (sorry, if my cheeriness is a bit much- but the sun is shining, i've had a strong coffee and have just slept for 12 hours. Fab).

I want to show you these amazing iphone covers i've found. Now i am not a iphone owner as i'm far to in love with my Blackberry and find touch screens a bit weird.

However i have to say (shhh don't let my Blackberry hear) that i have seen some brilliant iphone covers (my favorite was a  monchichi one i saw in Bangkok when i went in January which made me seriously consider getting an iphone).

But this is even better. It's a make your own cross stitch iphone cover. What? Yup. How cool is that!

They are by Connect Design and you can find them here. The site also has patterns you can follow, and even themed designs for Christmas and Halloween! Why don't Blackberry do cool things like this? It's not fair!

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