Thursday, 5 April 2012

I am not in the box of shame.

Good afternoon happy campers. Are you feeling jolly? It's nearly the the bank holiday weekend, why yes it is. This makes me very happy. Plus only one more day at work and then four whole days off!! Woop.

I'm really looking forward to my weekend as i get to go to my mum's Easter Sunday breakfast, complete with the infamous (in our household anyway) corduroy chicken! Yup. I haven't been for years and i've missed it a lot. We'll be eating lots of eggs, and later a big old roast. Do you have any Easter traditions? What are they?

Changing the topic a little (ok, a lot), i thought i might share with you something a friend of mine sent me today. Titled '13 things to get you through a rough day'. One of the steps was to be thankful that you are not these people:

Today i am not having a rough day, but i might just squirrel this away for such a day. As no matter how bad things may appear, i will never be a fat man in a Spiderman outfit. Yes!

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