Monday, 30 January 2012

Great inspriration.

Howdy, have you got a good day planned? What are you doing? Work or play?

It is the last day of my holiday today, tomorrow i'm back to work (which i am looking forward to actually, can't wait to do some cooking and have a good catch up). So i think that with my last day off i will be productive and crafty and get lots of things done. That is the plan anyway.

I thought i'd share with you a little list of blogs that i like. One's that i go to on a regular basis and think are fab. I think reading the creative things others are up to always helps when trying to be creative yourself. Plus i like to be nosy and see what others are up to.

I have blogged before about my old favorites so wont include them here today. The blogs below are also favorites, but are the new kids on the block (to me at least).

Little Chief Honeybee is written by a very cool Nashville based lady who runs a small mobile shop. I love her style and her outfits! She also has an online shop here.

Thread and Butter is the brainchild of Lauren from Southampton. She is an avid crafter and posts tutorials on the things she makes as well as running an Etsy shop.

Scherenschnitte is a great blog for those who want to get into papercutting.  Which i really want to get into. It is written by a lady called Cindy who posts templates of some of her designs which you can download and use. It's brill.

Teawagon Tales is a lovely blog with a vintage feel and lovely style.

Susannah Bean is the best friend of Little Chief Honeybee and has the same cool vintage style. She also had a wonderful Etsy shop selling lots of knitted loveliness.

I hope that gets your creative juices flowing!

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