Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Paper cutting.

Now most people have heard of Rob Ryan (if you have not have a look here, he is fab) but have not heard of many other paper cutters. I include myself in that group.

Paper cutting is this intricate and delicate and seemingly impossible thing that other people did. Clever people. This was until a friend of mine started paper cutting (with a memorable wedding present for another friend of mine being one of her amazing creations). But could i do it? It looked too difficult if i'm honest.

But the more i think abut it the more i want to give it a go. The end results are very impressive and i'm always wanting to add strings to my bow.

So i though i'd start off by looking for a few templates that i could follow, to give me a feel for it. So far i have found these ones:
The PDF to download the heart card can be found here.

Victorinox (the makers of Swiss army knives) have gotten together with Rob Ryan to produce these stencils. They go in order of beginner, intermediate and advanced and are intended to be layers together. you can find the PDF's here.

Plus a lovely lady called Cindy Ferguson has a great blog, Scherenschnitte here with lots of free downloads of many many images, great for getting started.

I can't wait to give it a go, and will post the results on here (even if they look nothing like i intended!). Have you ever though about trying paper cutting? Or many you've ben doing it all along. Clever you.

I'll leave you with some paper cutting inspiration. Amazing

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