Monday, 2 January 2012

Betty's maiden voyage.

I christened my beautiful KitchenAid yesterday, her name is Betty. Betty is amazing.

I knew she looked the part but until last night i hadn't put her through her paces and didn't know if she acted the part too. She does. I am more in love with her than ever.

I decided to use up the bananas we had lying about and make a banana loaf. Half way through making it i decided to make it naughty and added cocoa powder to it too. Yummy.

I served it hot out of the oven with butter spread all over it. Not healthy, but luckily none of my new years resolutions involved me being healthy so that's ok. Phew!
I can foresee a lot of cakes being made by her for many years. As well as all the other things she can make (you can tell i've been reading the book that came with her). It's gonna be worse once i start collecting the attachments. You can even get an attachment that makes sausages! Amazing.

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