Monday, 19 December 2011

Star Wars snow flakes!

Good morning! Are you having a lovely run up to Christmas? Or will you be happy when it's all over? I am really looking forward to it (as you might have guessed!). I just have a few more present to get and then i'm done. So bring on the festive cheer!

Speaking of which, last night Lawrence disappeared off into the spare room for a bit. He was on the computer printing something off and then spent quite while hunched over these printed pages with a pair of scissors.

What was he doing? Well he was making a Star Wars snow flake! This is the one he made, the Stormtrooper snow flake. Isn't it amazing!

If you fancy making one yourself you can find them here. They are designed by Matters Of Grey and can be downloaded for free! Woop. I reckon we may end up with quite a few dotted about our flat.

They are all so good i can't pick a favorite, although i do love R2-D2. He looks a wee bit fiddly though!

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