Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hide and seek!

Hello there lovely people. Have you realised that it's two weeks till the big day! Yup, this time in 14 days we will have all eaten too much, opened our presents and will be filled with Christmas cheer. I cannot wait!

However, i wanted to briefly draw your attention to the drab and dreary month of January. Sorry about that. However, if you live in Portsmouth maybe your month will not be so glum.

This is because a lovely lady called Georgina Giles (you can read her wonderful blog here) is planning on hiding lovely little hand made present around Portsmouth in the last week of January. So you could be walking along thinking about the bad weather, having no money and being mad that you've given up on your new years resolutionalready and BAM you come across a parcel of lovelyness and all is right with the world.

I think it's a lovely idea and i'll be keeping my eyes peeled to see if i can find a little something. Georgina, you are a lovely lady!

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