Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The cupcake class was a great success. Yay!

Good morning! I am at the start of my two days off and i am very happy that i can relax and get things done for Christmas. It has been a manic six days at work and i am a little knackered.

Last night was a late one as it was the night of my first cupcake decorating class. And was fab!

I was very nervous, as i haven't taught anything before but the girls that attended were really lovely and they made some beautiful cakes.

I spend a rather manic day at work doing my usual job whilst also baking 52 cupcakes and lots and lots of buttercream for the class. But it was all worth it as everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and i had a great time showing them the basic decorating skills such as piping and working with fondant.

I now can't wait to host the next one!

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