Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent is here!

Well hello there lovely people. Are you feeling a wee bit festive this morning, what with it being advent? I am. We even had Christmas songs on at home yesterday, and a Christmas candle lit. All we need now is the Christmas tree and i'll be full of festive joy.
I decided to make Lawrence a matchbox advent calendar this year after i stumbled upon this gorgeous Draw! Pilgrim one on Etsy. If you want one (best be quick!) you can find it here.

It's a PDF file which you then print out and construct youself. I printed it out on quite hard card and although it was a bit time consuming making all the little boxes it was worth it.

Don't you think they look great? I love them, and more importantly Lawrence loves them and was totally surprised. Yay!

I can't tell you what i've put in them as it will spoil the surprise! They are all lovely, but number 2, the nutcracker is my favorite (but that's because i love nutcrackers).

 Lovely vintage designs.

So happy advent to you all. Only 24 days to go!

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