Friday, 23 December 2011

Mince pies made by me!

If you have a good memory (i do not, i have the memory of a 98 year old woman) you may remember that back at the end of summer i made some mincemeat. I found a lovely recipe that used the glut of plums that i had at the time.

Well, i nearly forgot that i had it squirreled away (thank god i didn't) but found it just in time to make some lovely tasty pies. Yay!

I have to admit that i bought the pasty. Is this bad? My thinking was that i'd made the filling from scratch and was making the pies so i didn't need to make the pastry too (and i felt like cheating).

I decided to make them teeny tiny and used a egg cup to cut out the rounds. I then greased the tin i was using and pressed the pastry into it. They were then filled with the mincemeat.

I then pressed a little ball of marzipan in the centre of each one. This gives the pies an extra lovely sugary almond taste.

The pies then get a egg wash around the edge so that the lid could be fixed on. I then gave them a bit of a press as i wanted the mincemeat to be completely enclosed and not leak out when cooked.

They then went into the oven for 8-10 minutes and came out all golden brown. The flat smelled amazingly festive at this point. Yum.

All i had to do then was dust them in icing sugar and they were ready. I have eaten a few already and can confirm that they are very tasty. Boy, do i love Christmas!

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