Thursday, 1 September 2011

Damson in distress.

I have so far thought of a few uses for the damson and plums. Although i still have a long way to go though before i have used them all.

Thus far i have made:

1. Damson gin. Very easy and, hopefully, very tasty.

Just prick each damson three times with a folk (it doesn't have to be three, but this is the number of time i pricked each one). Fill a 2 litre bottle a third full with damsons, a third with sugar and a third with gin. Leave in a cool dark place for a few months or as long as possible (or till christmas!) and then strain. Yum, i can't wait to drink this! Hopefully some will make it to the hampers.....i'll have to be good.

2. Plum chutney. I used this recipe here.

This also has to be left for a few months before it is ready to eat. I chose this recipe because it looked idiot proof and i happened to already have all the ingredients to make it. So far it looks good, but i'll have to let you know in a few months how it tastes.

3. More of my plum jam (see previous post of details). Yummy yum yum.

I have put a lot of plums in the freezer as they wouldn't have lasted much longer. I'll probably make these into jam. I also have a massive bag of damsons left, but what do i do with them? More gin? (i quite like this idea!), jam? or something different?

I need to think of something as i don't want to waste them. I'll have to do some research. What would you do? Help!

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