Friday, 9 September 2011

When i was little.

Hiya, and how are you today? I am feeling a lot less grumpy than yesterday which is good. I hope you are in a good mood and have a nice weekend planned.

I have been making use of those vintage annuals i bought in the charity shop the other day. Looking through them has made me think about when i was little. I loved both Care Bears and My Little Pony. I even had a matching Care Bear bed cover, pillow cases and a bean bag! I remember also wanting the matching wallpaper but my mum wouldn't let me, which was probably for the best as it would have been a bit much!

Toys that also remind me of my childhood are my Eleroo (i loved the Wuzzles, they were my absolute favorite, but then you knew that), Boglins (remember those? the rubber type monsters you put your hand in and could move the eyes), My Mobile Victorian mansion (which was very fancy), my sisters massive collection of Sylvanian Families and my overwhelming desire for a Mr Frosty and Thundercats Sword that never materialised. Damn. What were the toys that defined you childhood? Do you still have them?

Anyhow, i have been making the envelopes out of individual pages of the annuals and i think they have turned out great. If you are a child of the 80s (and even of the early 90s) i think these would appeal to you.
I made them by carefully unsticking an ordinary boring white envelope. I then drew around it onto a page, positioning it so the best part would be on the front of the envelope when it was finished (as far as i was able to do so).

I then carefully cut it out and stuck the sides together. I then used double sided sticky tape on the lip (leaving the backing on so it can be used to close the lip when the envelope is used) and a white sticker on the front (where the address will go). And there you go, bright and cheery envelopes ready for a little note or letter to be send a friend or loved one.

I don't know whether to save them to give to people or put them on my Etsy shop. Maybe a bit of both i think. So if you like them check out my shop in the next few days and i'll have hopefully put them on there. Or why not make your own!

I have also been looking on ebay to see what other annuals i could re-purpose. I'm thinking He-Man, Danger Mouse and Thundercats would be good. I'll have to see if i can get hold of some.
Yay nostalgia letters. Would you like me to send you one? Yup.

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