Thursday, 15 September 2011

Baking goodies.

Yesterday after work, i decided to nip into a rather brilliant independent cookery shop near me, called The Good Cook Shop. You can find their website here, or if you live in Portsmouth they are on Marmion Road and i'm sure would love it if you popped in.

This shop is full of lovely things and is a dangerous place for me to be before payday. But my thinking was that i needed some new bits and bobs (shiny pretty things) in order to utilise my new cupcake decorating skills.

I was very good and only bought a few bit, and here is what i got:

Some new NEON edible glitter. Sorry, i didn't mean to shout at you. It's just that i am very excited about my future sparkly Day-Glo cakes. They're gonna be brilliant.

I also got some food colouring pastes. They are better than liquid food colouring as they do not dilute the icing and make it runny and it's also easier to build up a more vibrant colour (should you wish to do so, which i most definitely will!).

Willy, being a girl now, was very interested in my new purchases. I think she wants to help. I will of course let you see anything i create, i can't wait to get cooking (and obviously will not actually be letting the cat anywhere near the cakes!).

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