Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mmmm cakes.

Yesterday afternoon i got an urge to try out my new food colours and neon glitter so i made some vanilla cupcakes. Yup.

On a whim i put a load of red food colouring in the sponge mix. Kind of like a red velvet cupcake but with butter cream instead of cream cheese icing.

The mixture turned a vibrant pink colour. Fab. (although it doesn't look like it when they'd just come out of the oven, but have a look at the last photos on this post....bright pink!).

I used the lovely spotty blue muffin cases i bought when i saw my sister a few weeks ago and then coloured the icing yellow. This was topped off with the neon yellow glitter i bought.

Not a vintage pastel Cath Kidston type cupcake, more a bright and colourful Bear and Bug type cupcake! Me likey.

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