Friday, 2 September 2011

Paddington Bear.

Well howdy and good morning! I am so very tired this morning. I ended up doing a 14 hour shift at work yesterday as we were catering a wedding and i am knackered. I hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend planned. I'm working. Ugh.

Look at this lovely chap. I found him in a charity shop two days ago and i couldn't quite believe it. Definitely my best charity shop find so far (well, i did find some brand new moon boots, in my size, a while ago which i absolutely love. But most people hate them!).

He's from the early 1970s and is roughly 18 inches high. He even still has his original boots, hat and tag. He is really rather cute, with lovely little face. I wonder where he came from? (apart from deepest darkest Peru that is) and who loved him before me?

My mum had a bear similar to this which used to have pride of place in my room as a child. Hers had a purple coat and white wellies though.

Yay, a Paddington of my very own. What's your best charity shop find?

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