Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Barrel full of monkeys.

Well hello there! Today i decided to start making sock monkeys. Yup that's right, monkeys made from socks. Five of them to be precise. And don't worry all the socks are new and clean, no smelly sock monkeys around these parts!

I still have a bit of a way to go but i thought i'd show you my progress so far. Below are the socks ready to be monkeyfied.

They are easy peasy to make and i think they look brilliant when finished. Firstly you turn one of the socks inside out and cut it from ankle to heel. This this then sewn leaving a little hole to turn it the right way again. This is your sock monkey body.

The other sock is then cut into parts to make the ears, tail, arms and mouth. It's easier to show you this then explain it so have a look at the photos below.
 The heel is cut out and will become the mouth.
The long part cut down the side of the sock will become the tail, the two cut out parts at the bottom of the sock will be the arms and the two small parts at the top of the sock will become the ears.
 You them fill the bodies will toy stuffing.
 And then sew up the little hole at the bottom of the body.
 You can then fill the ears and the mouth with stuffing and sew them on.
And fill the tails with stuffing ready to be attached.

This is where i have gotten to so far. I will of course let you know how i get on finishing them and give you the rest of the instructiuons should you wish to make your own sock monkey (although i'm guessing you can probably work it out from here, you clever sticks).

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