Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mochimochi land.

Good afternoon to you. And you. How are you this lovely Sunday? Are you resting after a manic weekend or are you having a cozy quiet one? Whichever it is i hope you are having a nice time. Yes i do.

How cute are these knitted and cross stitched little creatures. Very cute i think.

They are all the creation of Mochimochi Land. You can see their blog here and shop for things here.

Mochimochi Land is the brainchild of Anna Hrachovec, a knitter who lives in Brooklyn. Mochimochi Land is a land where 'knitted toys and people can live together in a spirit of tolerance'.

As you can see she loves to make teeny tiny knitted things. Because things are even cuter when they're small.

She also has a book, Knitting Mochimochi, which i now want. If i'm gonna progress with my knitting skills, it should be making cute things like these (as well as Innocent smoothie hats of course).

Plus i'd love to learn to cross stitch...oooh new crafty things to do. Yay.

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  1. I have that book - its fab! I plan on knitting slippers to give as Christmas presents. xx