Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wherever i lay my head.

Good morning and how are you? Good i hope.

Have a look at these lovely pillows i have found. I am a big fan of the cushion and have millions dotted around my house (ok, ok not that many....but i have quite a few).

You're Deer To Me pillow by Olive handmade here.

Olive You pillow also by Olive Handmade here.

Crochet Cushion by Crocheting Life here.

Call You Mother applique cushion by Alexandra Ferguson here.

Dude no......BAD IDEA! Cushion also by Alexandra Ferguson here.

Happy Monkey pillow by My Mimi here.

Senor Taco Pillow also by My Mimi here.

Mushroom Cushion by Sukan Art here.

Animal Pillow by Vintage Jane here.

Embroidered Cat Pillow also by vintage Jane here.

Mr Lobster Cushion my Lemon Lemon Pie here.

Fox Pillow by Viola Studio here.

Plush fox pillow Gingiber here.

Cute and cozy!

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