Saturday, 3 September 2011

Amy Butler.

Have you heard of Amy Butler? I only came across her wonderful fabrics the other day while wandering around John Lewis.

I think they are fab. A bright and colourful mix of psychedelic neon colours and traditional designs. I can just imagine the migraine inducing granny quilt i could make. Not for the faint-hearted, but sunny and wonderful all the same.

I bought this design (first one below), which i think is beautiful. I plan to buy a lot more, but with so much choice it's hard to know which pattern (in what colour) to get.

She has a great website here. There is even a section with free sewing patterns and paper craft ideas! I've got my eye on the sunshine and the bloom quilts. Do you like her designs? I've had mixed responses so far, people wither love them or think they are rather garish!


  1. I think they're gorgeous - perhaps one of those quilts needs sending my way!

  2. Lovely fabrics -- I enjoy them as other people's quilts, but they're a bit busy for my usual sewing. The one you picked is a beauty! Have you seen some of Amy Butler's books? She collects her sewing patterns, and you can see them made up in her fabrics.
    Thanks for stopping by Red Red, I'm so glad you enjoy it :)