Monday, 12 September 2011


Are you creative? Do you like to make things? I do. And i am constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration on new things to make, sew or bake.

A good source of information to get the creative juices flowing are blogs. I therefore wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. Some of these are old favorites and some are new finds. They are by people who live quite close to me and also by people who live on the other side of the world. They are all great and written by very talented and clever people.

1. Meet Me At Mikes. The first blog i ever followed and still my favorite. I found this blog when i happened upon the Meet Me At Mikes shop when i was in Melbourne a few years ago. Pip is a genius and has released two amazing books (with a third and fourth out soon). I promise i am not sponsored by her, i just think she's fab!

2. Red Red Completely Red. Written by a lovely lady called Astrid who is a UK gal living in the US. She is a very creative lady and her blog is full of idea. Another firm favorite.

3. Ooh LA Lapin. A clever lady local to me called Lou who makes pretty things that are stocked in lovely shops nearby (check out Flo and Stans, Like a Tea Tray In the Sky and Aspex Gallery if you happen to live in Portsmouth). She has recently started a sewing club, Buttons and Pearls, which is very tempting. I am new to her blog but i like it a lot.

4. Dotty Angel. I am also new to this blog (i happened upon it when looking at Oooh La Lapin). But it is right up my street! Beautiful blog and full of ideas, i think this will become a firm favorite. She also has a Etsy shop here.

5. Georgina Giles. The other half of Buttons and Pearls, Georgina also had a lovely inspirational blog.

6. Nikkis World. I have to admit to a bit of nepotism here, Nikki is a friend of mine. Her blog is fairly new but very cute and full of all the wonderful things she has been making.

I hope that you find these blogs as full of fun and ideas as i do. In fact just writing about them has made me feel all go make something........

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  1. Hello,
    thanks for the lovely comment, the Dottie Angel book is availible in the UK from

    Ray stitch have them, hoorah!
    Its well worth the price the book is soooo nice x
    Thanks for recommending my blog too and we would love to see you at Tea and Cloth on the 29th September, dont be shy we are all very nice