Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fairylicious Cakes!

Yesterday i went to a cupcake decorating class, hosted by lovely Becky of Fairylicious cakes. This is a fairly new cupcake company based in Portsmouth and owned by Becky. She makes all the cupcakes herself and it was brilliant. You can find her website here.

I learnt all sorts of things and it was really fun and great for picking up decorating tips too.

We shown how to produce the perfect cupcake and make great butter cream icing. We then were taught how to ice a cupcake, work with a piping bag, colour and work with sugar paste.

We also made sugar paste roses, and were shown how to use edible glue and glitter and decorations.

We were also taught how to cover a cupcake with sugar paste, but with a pocket of butter cream underneath. You can draw all sorts of designs on the sugar paste but also get the tasty butter cream on the cake too. Genius.

Finally we were taught how to make two tone icing, build up colour within icing and got to ice six cupcakes of our own, however we wanted, to take home.

I still need to practice, but i don't think they're half bad for my first attempt! What do you think?

I would definitely recommend taking a course like this as it was really good fun and a lot of the techniques i will take away with me and use when making cakes for friends and family. I might even suggest a few things at work too!

Plus i now get to eat six (actually i got an extra one, so i got to take home seven, hee hee) cupcakes. Yummy!

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