Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Oh i do like to be beside the seaside.

Hello hello!

I am in the middle of my two days off for this week, and what a lovely two days it has been. Lawrence and i have had two friends to stay and it has been lovely.

I think have mentioned before that i live by the sea. In light of this we planned all sorts of seaside fun in the sun for our two days off. But alas the sun did not show. Oh well.

We still had a brilliant time. We eat cake and went to the cinema and played the Michael Jackson dance game on the wii after a few glasses of wine (thoroughly recommended, even if i was rubbish at it!).

We also went to the fun fair that is on the seafront by our flat. As it was a Monday and raining the funfair was closed. But the arcades weren't! Yay!

I love the 2p machines and me and my friend Harri got a little bit obsessed with trying to get all the pennies to fall (look at our serious faces!).

It reminded me of when i was little and my dad would take me and my sister to the arcade. We would spend all our 1ps and 2ps in the slot machines and then play air hockey. Whatever happened to air hockey?

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  1. that explains why i can't go near an air hockey table without challenging the nearest person to a game, i'd forgotton about the arcades! x