Sunday, 6 November 2011

Kawaii fabrics are Fab.

Well hello there. Are you well? Have you had a good weekend? I have been at work all weekend but it has been a nice work weekend as it's not been too busy and it's not been too quiet, it's been just right.

As you may know, i have just started making lovely little fabric covered buttons. And as such i have been looking at all sorts of new fabrics to purchase to cover said buttons. And i wanted to share some of the one's i really like with you.

 Some i already own and some i really want to own.

 All are really rather lovely.

I'm drawn to colourful kawaii Japanese fabric at the moment, (as you might have noticed!). Although i think i might also have a look at some retro 60's and 70's fabrics soon, just for a bit of variety.

So cute!

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