Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A comission: Baby Giant.

Good Morning, are trust you are well? Wishing it was the weekend? Me too, as i'm seeing my friends on Saturday and i can't wait to eat, drink and be merry!

I have been quite busy this week and the following is something i have been working on. Kate, a lady i have mentioned before, is the manager at the tearoom where i work. Her fiancee owns a website design company and they have recently rebranded. They are now called Baby Giant.

Their company logo looks like this:
And i have been asked to make a Baby Giant toy! Very exciting. I love making soft toys and it has been a while since i made one, so i really looked forward to sinking my teeth into this commission.

So i spent rather a long time sourcing the right materials to make this giant. I had no idea that finding the right material in the right colour would be such a nightmare. But after a lot of searching, high and low, i found some lovely blue super soft lambswool. Perfect.

I then had to very carefully make sure that the giant was the right shape and size and cut him out.

He was then sewn together, stuffed and had his little eyes sewn on. I put a Bear and Bug label on his bum, and the product info on a little hand made label and leaflet.

I think he has turned out rather well and will be a cute mascot for the company. I hope they love him.

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