Monday, 21 November 2011


Yesterday i got a present from my Grandma. It was a plastic container of some kind of weird looking goo and i was at first a little confused. Until i read the letter that came with it.

What the container actually contained was in fact Herman, the German friendship cake. He is a sourdough cake which you nurture for ten days. The dough is looked after and fed every few days with sugar, flour and milk. At the end of that time you divide the mixture into four, three you give to friends with a copy of the instructions and the fourth you bake into a yummy sourdough cake.

So as we speak Herman is sitting in a bowl in my kitchen covered with a tea towel. He will stay there till he is fed and ready. I'll let you know how he turns out. I think this is a lovely idea and thank you Grandma!

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  1. We used to do this at school! Gets a bit smelly towards the end... Enjoy!