Thursday, 3 November 2011

Gingerbread houses.

Well hello there! It's very chilly this morning which is making me believe that it's actually winter time. I think this may be the first time i've thought this this year, maybe it's because the clocks went back. I don't know but i do know i have chilly feet.

Anyway, i am kinda loving it as it means i can rummage about in our basement and find all my lovely winter clothes. I have a lot of hat and gloves and scarves. Yay!

Recently i have also been having a peak at gingerbread houses people have made and posted online. I'm seeking inspiration for mine this year. Lawrence and i made one last year and i loved making it and having it to display on our table (unfortunately i never got to eat any of it as we took it to my mum's for christmas day and my little brother demolished it. He did say it was very tasty though).

Last year we used this recipe. They also provide you with a link to a template you can print off, with a long sloping roof and little walls which i though looked really cute.

As it turns out, gingerbread houses come in all shapes and sizes.

 With all sorts of decorations.

 Some in odd shapes.
 Some small and simple.

 And some very grand indeed!

I'll have to wait a few weeks yet, but i can't wait to get baking. I'll, of course, keep you posted. Yup.

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