Thursday, 10 November 2011

The annual advent tea swap.

Howdy to you! I am in a very chipper mood this morning. My best friend came and stayed with me last night and it was all the great girlie fun you get when you spend time with a great chum.

I am also full of beans as i have become involved in Red Red Completely Red's annual advent tea swap. Yay.

If you have never popped over to Red's blog, you can find it here. I've mentioned it before and Astrid really is a lovely lady.

The idea behind the advent tea swap is that you send tea to people and other people send you some. You'll then have a lovely cup of tea to drink all the 25 days leading up to Christmas (and the day itself). Fab isn't it.

Would you like to join in this year? Here's how it works:
What you'll need: 25 bags of tea. (20 to swap, 5 for yourself)
What you'll do: You'll be paired up with four other tea swappers, and send each of those people 5 bags of tea. 20 bags of tea will arrive for you -- paired with the 5 you kept for yourself.
How to join in: Send me an email at astrid@redredcompletelyred, before November 13th, including your mailing address, so that we'll know where to send the tea!

I can't wait to see what i get and where it's from. I've just got to think of some lovely tea to send now....ooh the choices...

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