Monday, 7 November 2011

The Big Knit has hit the shops.

I have a confession to i had every intention of making a few little hats this year for The Big Knit 2011. I really was going to.

However life got in the way and i never did actually dig out my knitting needles. I am bad.

However i did keep a close eye on when these little knitted lovelies would be hitting the shops. So today came the time to hit Sainsbury's and search out some knitted fun.

And find them i did! Yay. Check out the lovely little cozy bottles i purchased. I even got a teapot hat (which my dad found buy let me have, thanks dad!).

I love them. I have no idea what i'm actually gonna do with the little hats, but that's not important. So snuggly and cute.....i wonder if i could get my cats to sport one?

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