Tuesday, 2 August 2011

If zombies baked cakes...

...they'd look exactly like i did today! I am knackered. Which is my own fault as i had an early start at work this morning and though it was a good idea to go to bed late. Not good.

I wasn't even doing/watching/making anything interesting that i can blame my late night on. I was just looking at things on the web and chatting with Lawrence. I nice evening, but a naughty thing to do on a school night.

Any-hoo-how, i hope you have had a good day and are on better form than i have been. An early night tonight for me i think, i'll make sure i'm tucked up and sound asleep before the witching hour.

I have had a very productive couple of days though. I have finally made a decision on what cake to make for the hen do this week. I have gone with...........coffee cake! I have only appreciated this cake for the past year or so having previously thought i didn't like it (having never tried it!), but i am making up for lost time and love this cake now. Plus it is the hens absolute favorite which i think makes it a clear winner.

I did a trial run on the recipe i wanted to use a day or so ago, and it came out really really well. The finished cake will be double the height (i only made one sponge on the trial cake, in case it didn't come out well). You can find the cake recipe here (but i used a different icing to the one they use, i prefer a mascarpone based icing).

We use a different recipe at work, which is lovely but it's a complicated little beast so i thought it best to find a simpler one. Give this one a go if you're a coffee cake fan, i've already eaten over half of the one i made!

Finally here's a little taster of something i may have made for a certain hen, shhh it's a secret!

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