Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fire and nice.

Good morning! I hope you are well.

I have decided that for christmas this year (i'm sorry that i'm talking about christmas already, bare with me) i'm going to make hampers for friends and family. I did this last year and it went really, so this year i want them to be bigger and better and this means i need to start thinking of what to make to put in them.

In light of this, yesterday i had a go at making fudge. Not just any old fudge, chilli fudge! This was at the request of my dad who wanted some so i thought i'd give it a go.

I have a difficult history with fudge. I have tried to make it before and it came out rock hard and pretty horrible. I find it hard to decide what recipe to use as there are so many about and they all vary dramatically with the ingredients they use. Which is best? Are one's that use sugar themometers more reliable? Condensed milk, evaporated or cream? It all gets very confusing!

However, i was not going to let this put me off so i had a look at some recipes for plain fudge, picked an easy-ish one (which used a sugar thermometer and evaporated milk), and then tinkered with it and this was the end result. What do you think?

I am for the view that good fudge should be a bit crumbly on the outside, but turn smooth and creamy when it's eaten. This is exactly how this turned out. Plus the chilli gave it a bit of a kick. So far, my guinea pig testing has been positive even though the flavor combination is a bit unusual. Plus it looks lovely with the little red chilli flecks contrasting against the caramel colour of the fudge.

I want to play with the recipe a bit, but as soon as i'm happy with it i'll post it on here for anyone that wants to make it. I also think it would be nice to make ginger fudge, or chocolate fudge.....mmm tooth achingly sweet treats, yummy.


  1. yay am gald i can read about the end result of our thermometer hunting and am v.excited about a hamper, i vote fudge and flavoured vodka and chilli jam please! x

  2. it's a surprise! but those items may make an appearance.....you'll have to wait and see...