Friday, 19 August 2011

Cute Kawaii

Hello there lovely people. How are you today? Good i hope.

I still feel poorly. I tried to go to work today but they took one look at me and sent me back home. I guess i wasn't looking my best!

Therefore to cheer myself up i've put together another little list of things. This time with a kawaii theme. I think they are all very cute. Have a look and hopefully you will think they are cute too. I hope you do.

Printable milk carton PDF with custom text panel by Paper Glitter here.

Faux taxidermy by Misfit Menagerie here.

Cute plush marshmallow on a stick by Misfit Menagerie here.

Panda bear NYC fabric by Tomodachi Kitty here.

Giant ice cream pillow by Sweet English Suzy here.

i phone toast case by Oh My Cake here.

Honey bear pin set by Em and Sprout here.

Lovely zip pouch by Simbiosis by Julia here.

Knitted bowl of fruit loops by You Cute here.

Domo garland banner by Made by Gwen here.
They are all bright and cheerful and make me smile, which is what you need when you're full of cold. Yes, you do.

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