Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cluck cluck.

Good morning, i hope you are well and having a super weekend.

I have had the best weekend. Really really lovely. As i have mentioned previously, it was my best friends hen do. And it was fab!

The coffee cake i made survived the train journey and went down a storm. I also made a batch of brownies which were also a success, so i was happy. The coffee cake recipe can be found here.

I had to double the recipe to make my cake, due to it's height. I also used a different icing recipe to the one shown (in a nutshell: 100g mascarpone, 100g butter, 350g icing sugar and 2tsp of instant coffee mixed with 2tsp of Ameretto- make sure you mix the coffee mixture in really slowly, bit by bit, or it will split).

I can't tell you anything about the brownie recipe as it's the one we use at work. It's a closely guarded secret so if i told you i'd have to kill you. And i don't want to do that.

I can also now show you the present i made for the hen! I got all the guests to send me a little message, saying or poem for the hen. I then complied them together with the bride and grooms names and the date of the wedding at the bottom. I then added a button boarder and had it framed. It looks really cute i think and the hen absolutely loved it. There may have been tears (some of them from me).

The rest of the weekend can be broken down as follows: champagne, great friends, naked waiters, cocktails, relaxing spa, dancing, wonderful food, lots and laughter and a whole lot of love.

The only problem is that now i feel a wee bit delicate, even after the 11 hour sleep i've just woken up from! I'm probably feeling a hell of a lot better than the stags though, i dread to think what state Lawrence will be in when he gets back.

So I think i might do some crocheting this afternoon, it's easy and i have been neglecting the blanket i am determined to make. So far taken me two years and i'm still only half way through (in my defense it's for a king size double bed so its going to be huge!). Oooh, a big cafetiere of coffee, cheesy movie and my crochet hooks, it sounds like it's going to be a lovely Sunday!

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