Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Good morning! I hope you are well. I am quite poorly, which is not good. Being full of cold in the middle of summer seems especially unfair, like the world has gone topsy turvy. I've been taking lots of cold and flu medicine though so hopefully i'll be fighting fit very soon.

I saw my dad the other day and he gave me this little punnet of loveliness. Tiny plums, which are very tasty just eaten on their own. Although i think i want to try and make something with them.

I am therefore looking at jam recipes at the moment, i want to find a really good one. Maybe a plum and apple recipe? Or just plum? I don't know yet, i'll have to see what takes my fancy.

I've never had plum jam. I don't think i have anyway, maybe i have and i can't remember. But i do think i would like it. What would you make? Do you have a great plum jam recipe you want to share?

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