Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Happy Birthday Moosh!

I have had another lovely weekend. I hope you did too. What did you get up to?

I went to my mum's house on Sunday as it's her birthday today (happy birthday moosh bear!) and she wanted to get all the family together for a lazy lunch in the sunshine.

We had Thai mussels, slow roasted pork, cous cous, pavlova, cheese and biscuits and chocolates with our coffee. I was stuffed! You always know you are going to be well fed when you go to my mum's house.

I also got to try some of the chilli jam i made last Christmas, which was surprisingly tasty (i say surprisingly as i was worried it had set too much). I had a nightmare making it, which resulted in a trip to hospital with horribly painful hands. It turned out i had had an allergic reaction to cutting all those chillies! Not good.

I also made a red onion chutney, from this recipe here. It worked really well and is really good with cheese and cold meats (which is what we ate it with, yummy).

My little brother had brought some fire crackers back from France so we had fun lighting them and boy did they make a noise! It all felt very Famous Five (especially as we were drinking ginger beer). After a while just lighting them got a bit dull so we decided to put one in an apple to see what happened. It pretty much did what was expected. Hee hee.

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